10 Oct 48 HOURS LEFT

With our countdown clock showing hours instead of days, we’re getting close to wrapping up our Kickstarter campaign! Our first update was titled “48 HOURS” and now we’re at that same point at the end of our project. We have a lot to cover but we’ll start with some of our milestones so far:

  • SALT is over 150% funded! We’ve raised over $75,000 in increments of just $15, the average price per SALT card on Kickstarter!
  • We now have around 3,400 backers! That means there are 3,400 people that purchased about 4,800 SALT cards!
  • Around 1,000 of our backers have shared SALT on Facebook via the link under our video! Every time someone shares our project, many more people see SALT and our potential backer pool grows!

We’ve also had some great articles written about SALT  by some of our favorite websites! Here is a list of sites you have to check out if you love technology and new products as much as we do:

We’ve been teasing some big news about our “Stretch Goal” for a little while now. We’re excited to finally reveal our plans!

We’ve gotten a great response on the home version of SALT. As a thank you to our backers, we’ll be offering the home version at a backer only discount! Once we have the final pricing for SALT Home, we’ll give our backers the greatest discount we can. The discount will lower the price of the home version considerably.

We won’t begin development of SALT Home until we ship our Kickstarter orders but we’ll keep you updated on the progress, on both Kickstarter and our website!

In our last update, we showed some images of the SALT card hardware. We got a chance to test it over the past couple days and are really excited with the results!

Here is a quick video that shows off the hardware in more detail:


We’ll be receiving some SALT cards with the hardware embedded in the following weeks so please keep an eye out for an update when we get them in. Once they pass our testing process, we’ll begin production so we can have them delivered to our backers on time!

Our Kickstarter campaign will wrap up in less than two days; however, we’ll continue a pre-order of the SALT cards via our website. If you’ve missed the chance to back us on Kickstarter, please visit us at www.securesalt.com

Please keep up the awesome work sharing SALT with your family and friends! We can get to 160% funded with a great final push!

Thanks everyone!