Hey guys! It’s great to hear that some backers have started receiving their SALT Cards already! That’s exciting news and we hope the majority of the SALT Cards, both domestic and international, will be delivered this week!

Here is a little more information about the SALT Apps:



We wanted to provide direct links to the SALT Apps because we’ve heard that they can be difficult to find in the App Store and Play Store. You can find the links in their respective sections below.

Please remember that these app are the initial releases so there may be bugs that we can fix quickly! If you find out that something isn’t working as it should be, please send us a message by clicking the blue “Chat” or “Help” button in the bottom right corner of the screen at:


We’ve tested the apps on various devices but there is no substitute for testing it among many people with different devices and settings. Our goal is to make sure that SALT works across all devices in the way that it’s supposed to, as quickly as possible. By letting us know about any bugs/issues you run into via the link above, we’ll know about them right away and can get started on a fix if it’s an issue within the app.


SALT App for iOS

At the moment, the SALT App that’s available for download is the initial version of the app that we submitted to Apple in early February. This version was meant to make sure the methods we are using are accepted by Apple. After testing this version, we found many issues that we have fixed in the next update which we submitted early last week. That version just went into review by Apple earlier today. We’ve tried to speed up the review process because of these bugs but there is really no way to get the review expedited at this point.

Based on the current review timeline, it looks like Apple should finish reviewing the app either today or tomorrow. This is just an estimate based on the current average for app review times but we’re hoping it gets reviewed ASAP. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

Here is the link for the initial version of the SALT App in the App Store:



SALT App for Android

The latest version of the SALT App for Android is available on the Play Store at this point. We’ve had a few users with specific Samsung phones that have reported a couple bugs and we’re working on getting those fixed right now. The updated version of the Android app should be available later today and it should work across all Samsung devices.

It will also fix a few small bugs that we found during our own extended testing. If your phone ever shows a black screen, you can just toggle your Bluetooth on and off. That should fix that issue until the update is released!

Here is the link for the SALT App in the Play Store:




Thank you for your understanding and help in making the SALT Apps even better! We’ll let you know when the latest versions are available for download!


– Nikola Zistakis and Joel Paglione