We have a few exciting updates for you!

The title of this update may have spoiled it but our backers and customers will begin receiving their SALT Cards this week! Depending on the delivery address, that might be as early as tomorrow! International orders will take a little longer because of the distance but we’ve made sure to provide all the necessary information on our customs forms so there isn’t any additional delay.

The other exciting news is that Apple has approved the SALT App for iOS! This is a huge milestone for us and we’re uploading the most recent version of the app today. Updates take a lot less time for approval so the app will be available tomorrow to coincide with the first SALT Card deliveries! Our Android app will also be available for download tomorrow from the Play Store.

When you receive your SALT Card and download the SALT App, we’ll be available 24/7 to help you with the setup and answer any questions you may have. Just visit www.securesalt.com/pre-order-center and click on the blue “Chat” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You’ll get an instant response and help as you need it. We’ve worked hard to make everything as simple as possible but don’t hesitate to contact us via the link above even if you just want to make sure you’re doing it right!

Originally, the SALT Cards were supposed to have a pull-tab for activation; however, we changed that feature in the interest of making the SALT Card water resistant. Instead, we have an invisible button in the center of the card that needs to be pressed for 10 seconds before the card is activated. The activation is really straightforward and we’ve made a quick video to demonstrate the process:


We can’t wait until you start receiving your SALT Cards! We’ll be waiting to hear all your feedback and incorporate your suggestions in real-time. As a disclaimer, since this is the first release of the SALT Apps, there may be a few small bugs that we haven’t come across during our beta testing. Those will be labeled with the highest priority and will be fixed if/when we hear about them. In order to report a bug, please use the “Chat” button at www.securesalt.com/pre-order-center so that we can fix it immediately.

We’re excited to see how the SALT Apps will grow over the next couple weeks! Thanks again for all the amazing support!

– Nikola Zistakis and Joel Paglione