It’s been an extremely busy and fun last few months! We’re excited to announce:

Our manufacturer has shipped the SALT Cards to us!

They confirmed that the cards were shipped on February 10th and are currently en route to us. This is a huge milestone and we couldn’t be more excited! The biggest obstacle with shipping is customs but we’ve done everything required to make sure that process goes smoothly.

Once again, we’d like to cover our current status and next steps but won’t make it quite as long of a novel as last time¬†ūüôā


Manufacturing Process Overview

We’ll mention it again because it’s a big milestone in the project; the cards have been shipped to us! We were able to sort out the chip sourcing and minimized the delay caused by our original chip¬†provider. Once we got the chips in, we immediately continued with the manufacturing process and¬†prepared the chips for our particular application. We did this by burning in an image of the specific settings we need¬†on¬†the chips using a machine from the chip manufacturer. These machines are loaned out because they each cost $50,000! We were able to secure a time slot that fit¬†our manufacturing timeline so that process wen’t really smoothly.

After that was complete, we assembled all the cards and tested them thoroughly to make sure they work as we expect. Each card was tested individually so we’re confident that we’ll have minimal issues when we ship them out! Since all the cards passed our tests, they were packaged securely in bulk and prepared for shipping. They’re being shipped via the fastest and most secure method available with all the applicable information so we don’t have any customs issues.

We love pictures too so here are some images of the process:













SALT Card Improvements

There are a few improvements we were able to incorporate into the first version of the SALT Card. Most of them were based on the feedback we received from our backers and customers. The improvements include:

  • The range was drastically increased so that individual users can adjust the distance based on their¬†particular use case.
  • We removed the pull tab from the SALT Card design¬†and embedded an invisible button instead. This minimizes the number of things that can go wrong once you get the cards and helps us accomplish our next point.
  • The SALT Cards are water resistant!¬†With the invisible button, we were able to completely enclose/seal the PCB and batteries so the card is water resistant. Now it’s even safer for more extreme conditions.

While it’s great that we were able to include these improvements in our initial version of the SALT Card, we’re working on even more improvements for future iterations. Most of the future improvements will also be based on the feedback we’ve received so far!


Next Steps

As we wait for the cards, we’re organizing and verifying all the addresses we received from our Kickstarter backers. We’ll cover this topic a little more in the next section but doing this¬†will make the shipping process run a lot more smoothly. We’ve already organized how we’ll handle, store and package the cards once they arrive.

When¬†we receive the cards, we’ll test them one more time. Then we’ll be packaging them over¬†the next couple of days. We’ve invited (realistically, we should say,¬†“We’ve forced”) a few close friends¬†to help us with this process so that we get this phase done really quickly.

After that, we take the cards to our shipping company were they’ll sort and organize all the packages for delivery to the post office. That process will take approximately two days and then it’s up the post office to get the cards out.

The standard delivery timeline for domestic shipments is 1-5 business days and our standard international delivery timeline will be 6-13 business days. The vast majority of backers and customers should receive the SALT Cards in that time frame but more remote locations may take slightly longer.


Shipping Addresses

This is the most important part of this update for our Kickstarter backers. We’ll even send out another update regarding just this section when we receive the cards.


The majority of backers have entered everything correctly but we ran across a few responses that have some issues. We can only guarantee you’ll get your SALT Card on time if your information is accurate. If there are any errors, it may delay your shipment and there’s very little that we can do until the first batch goes out.

Please double check your survey response and make sure the information is correct by clicking on the link in the survey email you received from Kickstarter. Here are the two main things to consider:

  1. Is all the information entered in the correct text box? If a particular box doesn’t apply to your address, please leave it empty.¬†We received a few responses where the country is entered into the state or city field as well.
  2. Are you using standard characters in your responses? Kickstarter provides us the backer information in a CSV file so some non-common, foreign letters may display incorrectly. This will mark the package as undeliverable and it won’t go out with the first batch.

We’ll send out another update about this topic and contact individual backers if we have issues with the information they entered right after the initial shipment.


Life After Kickstarter

With our Kickstarter campaign wrapping up and the SALT Cards about to be shipped, we’re planning out the next phase of the project. We’ve mirrored a lot of the Kickstarter functionality on our website at:


This way, our backers and customers can interact with us directly on a consistent platform and we’ll be able to have more control over the aesthetic of our updates (the Kickstarter system has very limited design freedom). We’ll continue to monitor both platforms but after we ship the cards,¬†our website Pre-order Center will take priority and will be monitored on a daily basis. We also offer a live chat and a simple way to contact us directly so we can respond a lot more quickly.



We’re using all the time¬†we have available to continue improving the apps for Android and iOS. Each version is being tested thoroughly and updated to fix any bugs/issues. This is an ongoing process and will continue as everyone gets their SALT Cards. We’re trying to minimize the issues we’ll run into when everyone starts using SALT!

With the huge variety of devices our backers have, there will definitely be unexpected bugs¬†that pop up. Our developers have¬†dedicated the first week after we ship the cards to fix any issues. They’ll be available 24/7 and will make any necessary adjustments in real time. We’ll also be available 24/7 ¬†to provide any help necessary so all our backers and customers can setup SALT easily.


Thank You

This fun, stressful, rewarding, exhausting and exciting journey is getting closer to completion and we couldn’t be happier about the support we’ve gotten from all of you. We know we always end our updates with a thank you section but that’s¬†because it’s well deserved by everyone that trusted us to put this project together the right way.

Everyone has been understanding and supportive through all the bumps in the road and we can’t thank you enough. It really means a lot to have such a supportive network as we work to put together a really high quality product!


Thank you again!

– Nikola Zistakis and Joel Paglione