We wanted to update everyone on the status of our servers and our next Android update!


iOS Servers

As most of our iOS users have experienced over the past few days, our servers have been under extremely heavy load. This is causing our certificate site to be unavailable while trying to install the SALT App. It can also prevent your phone from locking in certain situations. We were working on improving the capacity of our servers but, while we were successful at times, the amount of traffic has once again reached a point where we’re experiencing outages.

Instead of focusing on short-term fixes where we may experience similar issues every few days, we’ve decided to concentrate our efforts on a long-term solution. This solution will be in the form of an update to the SALT App for iOS. The next app update will fix this issue, along with many others, and provide a much better overall experience. It will be an almost completely reworked app using a lot of the optimizations we’ve implemented in our Android app! We can’t wait to release it and get your feedback!

This decision means that the certificate page and locking function may be unavailable until the next app update is released. We’ll be requesting an expedited review from Apple because of these issues so we’re hoping the review process will be quick. The app will be submitted for review in the next couple of days and we’ll keep you posted on the review status. We really appreciate your support and understanding throughout this process!


Continuing Android App Updates

We’ve released a ton of updates over the past week and will continue to do so until we fix all the outstanding bugs! This means that we still have fixes coming for certain HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola devices. Just a few of the main fixes are the WiFi bug, Bluetooth connectivity and general locking/unlocking bugs on certain devices. We’ve gotten great feedback from our users and hope to keep that going! The feedback is really what will help us make these apps great!

We’re happy to share that we’re getting closer to the point where we can begin adding in additional features such as Distance, Auto Lock and App Lock! We have those features developed but removed them for the initial release. The goal was to make sure that we can isolate the initial bugs and fix them as quickly as possible. We’re very happy that we’ve been able to drastically improve on the initial apps and we’ll continue doing that in the coming months. If there is something that doesn’t work correctly on your device, please let us know!

We’ll also be opening a beta test to anyone that would like to try our latest features before they’re available in the stable version of the app. The beta will start when we wrap up our initial bug fixes so we’ll post an update once we get it organized!


Wrap Up

Thank you all once again. We’re in the process of improving the apps based on your feedback and can’t wait to continue improving them over time! We want to create the best experience for everyone and won’t stop until we get there!

The positive messages and emails have been really helpful and we’d like to make sure you know how much we appreciate them. It’s great to hear the positive voices while we’re working so hard to create a great product! They really mean a lot to us and it’s why we love the Kickstarter community!


– Nikola Zistakis and Joel Paglione