Hey guys! It’s been a really exhausting couple of weeks! We have sorted, analyzed and incorporated all the feedback we’ve gotten into the upcoming versions of both SALT Apps.

Currently, we’re in the process of thoroughly testing the Android and iOS SALT Apps. We want to make sure that each update takes a few huge steps forward and these next two updates are especially important. We’ve improved a lot of the back-end code for both versions of our app and have completely overhauled our servers.

Let’s get into the specifics for each version:


SALT App for Android

The next version of the SALT App for Android will be available very shortly! We’ve spent a lot of time incorporating many changes and have submitted it to the Play Store. It should be available for everyone by the end of the night! We were also able to expand our list of in-house Android devices so we’ll be able to test on the majority of popular devices before we actually release any future updates.

This update will fix a lot of bugs that have been brought up including WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity and stability issues. We’ve also put a lot of focus on making sure the SALT App will work with the last few Android devices that are still experiencing issues. Specific LG, Motorola and HTC phones will be covered from here on out!

We’re already thinking ahead and are looking to make sure we provide compatibility with some awesome existing features. We have a few ideas to make sure that we’re compatible with the Smart Lock feature. That way you’ll be able to use your SALT Card with your existing security solution! Also, there are a few methods for compatibility with device policies that we’ll be testing. We hope to be able to bring both of these solutions to an update really shortly!

Please keep an eye out for this latest update and make sure to grab the update as soon as it’s ready!


SALT App for iOS

The next update will drastically improve the SALT App for iOS across the board. The entire user experience will be greatly improved and we’ve been concentrating on the “Certificates” issues we’ve had since our launch. We were able to drastically improve the Android app since the first release and a lot of those improvements will be making their way into the iOS app.

We’re currently in the final stages of development for the next version of the SALT App. We made sure to take all your comments into consideration and are even testing a few pieces of the iOS logic in the latest Android release. The Android submission process allows us to iterate a lot more quickly so we can make sure that all the logic we’re incorporating into the iOS app works properly.

The SALT App will be submitted to Apple for review once we have thoroughly tested it and are happy with the results. We’re hoping that will be by the end of this weekend but we won’t submit it unless we’re 100% happy with the update. We’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of the latest app throughout the review process.

We’re really excited because we know it will be a huge improvement for all our iOS users. We can’t wait to show you guys how awesome SALT will be.


Thank you!

We’d like to thank everyone for being so patient and helpful throughout the initial release process. We were able to make both versions of the SALT App a lot better and will continue to do so into the future. If you need to contact us or would like to share a bug with us, please click the blue “Help” or “Chat” button in the bottom right corner of this screen!


Thanks again!

– Nikola Zistakis and Joel Paglione