Good morning everyone! We’ve been working on SALT this entire weekend and are excited to show you our progress! We have a ton of updates for you in terms of the SALT app and card, so you’ll get to know each one a little more closely.

First we’d like to cover the SALT app so you’ll get a better understanding of how everything will work. The best way to demonstrate the different SALT features is through a video! This video covers the SALT prototype app and an example of the PIN lock and unlock feature on a Nexus 5, encrypted Moto X and iPhone 5c. We also go into detail about the app interface, so you’ll see some more of the options you’ll have within SALT.

I just want to reiterate a comment we posted yesterday about iOS:

Our strategy for iOS is to use an alternate distribution method, just for our iOS backers, which will make it extremely easy for you to install the SALT app. We’re confident that at least one of these alternate methods will work. If they don’t, we’ll DEFINITELY offer a refund to any backer that requests a refund. We truly appreciate your support and it wouldn’t be fair to keep money if we don’t provide the product that you backed.

The SALT app works on iOS but the main issue is getting the app accepted into the Apple App Store. Apple has a very strict review policy and won’t allow apps into the App Store that interact with any security settings but there are still ways to distribute the app to our backers without requiring a jailbreak.

Android is completely different because the Google Play Store is open to all apps. You can interact with any portion of Android without restrictions. That’s why all the SALT features won’t be an issue for our Android backers.

We also have some updates on the SALT cards! The Bluetooth modules we’ve developed will be delivered either today or tomorrow!

The modules are going inside the SALT cards but we wanted to show you what they look like. They’re extremely small, only a little larger than a U.S. dime! The final version will have two batteries to provide the battery life that we need.

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And here is a test that confirms that the modules work as we need them to:


We’ll continue working this week to get you even more exciting news! Hope you have an awesome start to the week!