Hey guys! It’s been exactly a week since our last comprehensive update so we wanted to give you a progress update and cover some of the questions/feedback we’ve received in the “Comments” section of our Kickstarter and website. We’ve been working around the clock, with very little sleep all week, so there’s a lot to cover!


Contacting Us

We want to remind everyone that you can get a quick response to your questions on our website by visiting www.securesalt.com/pre-order-center and clicking the blue “Chat” or “Help” button in the lower right corner. While we’ll still respond the comments and messages on both our Kickstarter and website, it may take us a day or two to get back to you. We’d really like to consolidate the messages to our site because we can keep everything really organized and make sure that everyone gets a response!


Shipping Information

We’ve gotten a few questions about the shipping for domestic orders so we’d like to clarify the current status. We shipped out the cards just over two weeks ago for both domestic and international orders. They were processed through a shipping company and there was an error made in the domestic shipping method. The SALT Cards were supposed to be shipped via First-Class mail, which would put the delivery estimate at 2-4 days for the entire United States. That was the timing that we used to estimate the original delivery schedule. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that the SALT Cards actually went out via Standard Mail.

Standard Mail is a class of mail that’s available for bulk shipments that can also be referred to as Third-Class mail. It takes more time to deliver, especially over longer distances. It’s meant for mail that isn’t time sensitive, where a few days, or a week, won’t make a difference. That obviously doesn’t match the criteria for the SALT Cards; however, there’s nothing we can do at this point but wait a few extra days.

We sent ourselves a few SALT Cards along with the Kickstarter orders to test the timing. We’re located about 20-25 minutes from the main post office in Chicago and we received half of our cards on March 17th. The other half, that were shipped at the same time, arrived just a couple days ago so it’s really tough to come up with a reliable delivery timeline at this point. We can confirm that most of the East coast has received their SALT Cards and they’re starting to be delivered further West. We have a few messages from Texas and Colorado so the majority of the US should be covered shortly.

We truly apologize if you’re still waiting on your SALT Cards. We know how you feel and we’d love to speed things up but there’s just nothing else that we can do at this point.

The international orders went our via First-Class International mail so there were no issues there. We received messages that people in the UK and France received their cards on March 17th and 18th. We now believe that most of Europe should be covered and we’ve started getting messages from Asia as well. International deliveries rely on the local postal system, so the general delivery estimate is 6-14 business days. That means most of the international deliveries should be wrapping up shortly!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any tracking information for the SALT Cards at this time.


SALT Card Activation

We’ve gotten a few messages about how to activate the SALT Card and make sure that it’s working. Each SALT Card needs to be activated when you receive it so that it wakes up fully. They start off in a sleep mode so that we use very little energy until you’re ready to get everything setup!

The easiest way to activate your SALT Card is by following the steps in this video: https://youtu.be/tCEwrX3uirE

Please make sure that you hold the center of the card for at least 10-12 seconds; otherwise, it will deactivate. Please feel free to press a little harder; you won’t damage the card! Also, if it doesn’t work the first time, please try it a couple times just to make sure that it’s activated.

If you’re using an Android device, you can confirm that the SALT Card is activated by going to the main SALT App screen. You should a blue check mark once it’s activated that says “Your card is in range” underneath.

If you’re using an iOS device, the SALT Card will need to be activated in order to add it to the SALT App. If you’re able to add your card number without an issue, it should be working properly! If the card disconnects within 30 seconds, please try the activation process again!

If you need any other help, feel free to message us on our website!


SALT App for Android

The latest version of the SALT App for Android is 1.0.194 and will be available shortly to all users. We uploaded that version to the Play Store so we’re just waiting for it for sync across Google’s servers!

We’ve made a huge effort to organize all the feedback we’ve gotten in order to improve the app very quickly. We’ve had six updates to the app in just the last four days! Each update builds on the previous one based on the feedback we’ve gotten. At this point, we’ve covered the locking and unlocking functionality, made sure that SALT works on all Motorola and Samsung devices, drastically improved the Bluetooth connectivity, improved the overall app performance and polished the interface! Those are just some of the main improvements we’ve made!

If you’ve tried any of the previous versions of the SALT App, please make sure to update it to this version. The entire experience has been drastically improved and the app functions differently from even just a day ago!

SAMSUNG USERS – We’ve made sure the latest update works across Samsung devices. We highly recommend uninstalling the original version of the SALT App and cleanly installing the latest version. The setup has changed slightly and will impact your the PIN for your phone.

If you update the app without uninstalling the original version, your new phone PIN will be the PIN that you use to access the SALT App. If your SALT PIN is less than four digits, your new PIN will default to “1413” and you’ll be able to log into the SALT App to change it. It’s a lot more user friendly to cleanly install the latest version so that’s our recommended method for Samsung users.


SALT App for iOS

As most of our iOS backers have noticed, we’ve had a few issues with our MDM server over the past few days. We’ve been working on getting the server running reliably and will continue to do so over the next few days. The server is currently up and running; however, there may be intermittent issues until we fix a few of the key components. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll work to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on improving the SALT App for iOS. We’ve been listening to the great feedback for this app as well and are getting closer to a completed update. Since we can’t iterate as quickly on the iOS platform as we do on the Android platform, we’re working on making sure that we submit a solid update for Apple’s review process.

There are A LOT of fixes that will be included in the next update of the SALT App. We’ve ported some of what we’ve learned from the Android app and included some iOS specific fixes. We’re really excited about this update because we’re sure your user experience will be a lot smoother and more intuitive!

Please give us a little more time to perfect the iOS SALT App for you guys!


Thank You!

We’d like to thank you guys for being so patient over the last two weeks! This is the initial release of the SALT Apps and Card so there are bound to be bugs and issues that we didn’t get a chance to test. Please feel free to shoot us a message with any advice or feedback!

We’re really grateful that everyone has been patient and provided feedback that allows us to constantly improve the entire system. You guys are really helping us build SALT into a solid platform!

We’ll be in touch again and can’t wait to show you the next versions of SALT!


– Nikola Zistakis and Joel Paglione