Hey guys! We’ve been working hard on getting the SALT app and cards developed since the end of the Kickstarter campaign. It’s been an enormous amount of work but we’re happy to say that we’re making a lot of progress! Here is the status of the main components of SALT:

The SALT Card

We received and tested the prototype SALT cards and they work exactly as we planned! The hardware in the cards is the final version and we’ve already begun FCC and CE testing because we have to be certified prior to shipping.

While the lab goes through the testing process, we’ll be tuning the aesthetic of the cards slightly. This includes changing the front of the card to a gloss finish instead of a matte finish and adjusting the thicknesses of the materials. These are small adjustments that should be wrapped up within the next week or so!

The SALT App

Our team has been working on the apps for both Android and iOS since the end of the Kickstarter campaign. We have an alpha version of both apps and are going through testing and debugging. Each cell phone model has small changes in the operating system we have to account for, so we’re going through that process and tuning the apps so they work across all devices.

We’ll have another update when we get to a beta version that will demonstrate all the features in a video!

SALT Card Packaging

We have finalized and approved the packaging design we’ll use to ship the SALT cards. Once the SALT cards pass FCC and CE certification, we’ll be placing an order for the packaging, which should take about a week to deliver.

Shipping Organization

Since we are lucky enough to have so many backers, we had to create a custom, automated system in order to ship all 5,000+ SALT cards! The most important thing will be to have the most up to date addresses and contact information for all our backers. We’ll post another update and send out a survey before we begin shipping the cards.

Please keep an eye out for the survey because we won’t be able to ship any cards until we have your responses. Don’t worry though, the survey will go out within the next month or so and we’ll make sure to remind you about it!

Please keep an eye out for our next update but in the mean time, please feel free to message us if you have any questions!

– SALT Team