Hi guys! It’s time for another exciting update with some more pictures!

Packing almost 6,000 SALT Cards by hand was no easy task but we were able to get all the cards finished after suffering through only a few paper cuts. This process also gave us a great deal of control over the final package our backers and customers will receive. The great news is that everything turned out just as we planned and we dropped off all the cards at our shipping company on Monday!

Here is an overview of the entire process:


Packing and Shipping

The SALT Cards came from the manufacturer split into boxes with each box containing about 500 cards.


They were broken down even further into smaller boxes of about 50 cards per box. Each card was wrapped in a protective plastic pouch to keep them from getting scratched during packing.


We removed these pouches and applied two glue dots to each SALT Card so we could affix them to the folded card properly.



Next, we placed the folded cards into our custom-built jigs so the SALT Card would be perfectly centered when we attached it to the folded card.


Once the SALT Card was attached to the folded card, they were placed into boxes that each hold 200 finished cards. We had to fill about 30 of these boxes!


Luckily, the finished cards, along with the envelopes, fit into a car so we were able to get them to our shipping company fairly easily.



Our shipping company has a couple things left to finish before they’re finally shipped to you guys. Luckily, they’re super quick so there shouldn’t be a long wait. They’ll be printing the address information on the envelopes and sorting them based on their final destination. Then they’ll place the folded cards inside the envelope, seal them, and deliver them to USPS so they can be shipped to you.

The SALT Cards should ship out by the end of this week at the latest!


Time to Get You Involved

This is where you guys come in! You’ll finally be receiving the SALT Cards you’ve provided so much support and feedback for! When you get them, you’ll open the packaging, remove the SALT Card and activate it. Then you’ll be able to use it with the SALT App for Android or iOS!

You’ll be the first group of users that we’ll have outside of our small group of local testers. We’re currently working on making sure the apps work across all the devices we have access to. Inevitably, we’ll run into a few small bugs that we’ll have to fix due to the sheer variety of devices on the market. Not to worry though, we’ll be on call 24/7 until all those issues are corrected and we’ll be available for live chats and phone calls in case anyone has questions about setting up the apps. We’re making a commitment to provide this support until all our customers are fully setup and enjoying SALT!


Support Information

You’ll be able to contact us directly via our website at: http://securesalt.com/pre-order-center

For a live chat or email message, you can click the blue “Chat” or “Help” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. We’ll be monitoring those messages in real-time so you’ll be able to get answers right away.

You can also use the “Comments” form on that page to leave a message that will be visible for the rest of our backers and customers.

In the interest of maintaining immediate response times and a consolidated support portal, we’ll be focusing our attention on the link we provided above. That way, all our customers will be able to access a uniform support experience.


App Status


iOS App

Our iOS app is currently waiting for a review from Apple’s review board. We’ve been in touch with them throughout the entire process to make sure everything goes smoothly. So far, there have been just two requests that they’ve made and neither of them were code-based, which is a good sign!

They requested that we send in a SALT Card so they could test future versions of the SALT App, first hand. In the mean time, we sent a video of how the SALT Card interacts with the app so they could confirm that everything is working correctly.

Once the functionality was confirmed, the last request was that we add some more information to our app description. At this point, everything looks like it’s ready to go, pending their full approval. We’ll be submitting a request for an expedited review tomorrow morning so the app should be ready by the time everyone receives the SALT Cards!


Android App

The Android Play Store submission process doesn’t have the same requirements as its Apple counterpart. This means that we can post an app as soon as we’re ready and the cards have been shipped. Since there is no review period, the app will be available for download at that point!


Next Updates

Our next updates will demonstrate how to activate the SALT Card and how to install the SALT Apps. Everything is really straightforward but we want to make sure you have access to as much content as possible if you have any questions.

Please keep an eye out for those updates in the next day or two!


Thank You!

Thanks again for all your support and we can’t wait until you start enjoying your SALT Cards! That time is finally here so we’re excited to get your feedback in the coming weeks!

– Nikola Zistakis and Joel Paglione