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What is SALT?

With the SALT App and Card, you never have to enter you PIN to access your phone. As long as you have the SALT Card within 10 feet of your phone, it will remain unlocked. Walk away from your phone and it locks itself, automatically.


With the SALT Card, you’ll also be notified whenever you leave your wallet or purse behind. If you forget where you left it, the SALT App will show you the last known location on a map.

What do I need to buy to use SALT?

SALT is really easy to use! You just need to download the free SALT App from the Google Play Store and follow the setup wizard.


You’ll also need to buy a SALT Card, enter the number from the SALT Card into the SALT App, and you’re ready to go!

Where can I buy a SALT Card?

Currently, you can only purchase a SALT Card online through the SALT website. We ship all orders the same day so you should get your SALT Card very quickly!

Why is SALT better than a fingerprint lock?

SALT is very reliable and secure. It will work every time and offers a level of protection that’s greater than other forms of security. Did we mention it works with gloves?

What happens if I get a new phone?

Not a problem! You can just download the SALT App on your new phone and adjust your settings. The last step is adding your SALT Card number to the SALT App and you’re ready to go!

How much salt should I eat per day?

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Can I use my Fitbit or smart watch with the SALT App?

Not at this time. We’re currently working on partnerships with other Bluetooth Smart hardware manufacturers you use every day. We hope to have some exciting announcements in the near future.

My company requires me to have a PIN on my device. Can I still use SALT?

Unfortunately, the SALT App for Android will not work with most device policies. We’re constantly working on solutions to this issue but at the current time, you won’t be able to automatically unlock your device.

How do I adjust the range of the SALT Card?

You can adjust the range of your SALT Card through the SALT App for Android. Just click “Manage Cards” and then the dots next to the card you’d like to adjust. When you click “Distance”, you’ll be able to set your range!

I have a feature request. Who can I contact?

We’d love to hear your ideas for the future of SALT! You can message us directly by clicking the blue “Help” or “Chat” button in the bottom right corner of this screen!

SALT App Questions

Will the SALT App impact the battery life of my device?

The SALT App and Card use the latest Bluetooth Smart technology which uses minimal energy. You shouldn’t notice any difference in your phone’s battery life.

Does the SALT App work with both Android and iOS?

Currently, the SALT App only works with Android. We had a version of the SALT App available for iOS but Apple’s strict guidelines made it difficult to maintain an app that worked up to our standards.

What should I do if I lose both my SALT Card and device?

There are a few options in this case. The SALT App has an option to automatically lock your phone at regular intervals. Also, you can use the Android Device Manager to lock your phone remotely. Don’t worry, your personal information is still safe.

Can I use a pattern lock with SALT?

Unfortunately, the pattern lock option is not available when using the SALT App. This is because of issues in Android. If it becomes a possibility in the future, we’ll let you know!

How long does it take for my device to lock when the SALT Card is out of range?

Your phone will generally lock within 60 seconds of it losing contact with the SALT Card. The phone checks for the SALT Card every 60 seconds to make sure you’re still using it. It also checks when your screen turns on to make sure it’s actually you that’s trying to access the phone. In many ways it works like a passcode without the hassle.

Can I adjust the notification settings for when my SALT Card disconnects?

Yes, you definitely can! If you open the SALT App and go to the main screen, you’ll be able to click on “Manage Cards”. Once there, you can click on the three dots just to the right of each SALT Card number. That will bring up a screen where you can adjust your notifications or remove that particular SALT Card.

I want to cleanly reinstall the SALT App but how do I uninstall it?

In order to uninstall the SALT App for Android, you’ll need to open the SALT App by going to your Android “Settings” > “Security” > “Device Administrators” and uncheck “Secure SALT” from the list. Then you should be able to uninstall the app as usual!

Can I use multiple SALT Cards with the SALT App?

Yes, you can! Just click on the “Manage Cards” option from the main SALT App screen and you’ll be able to add multiple SALT Cards.

The SALT App doesn't run when I restart my phone. Where can I change this setting?

You can open the SALT App and click on “Settings”. There you’ll find a setting to enable this option.

Where can I download the SALT App?

If you visit our SALT App page, you’ll see two links for the SALT App for Android. If you’re not seeing the SALT App in the Play Store, please scroll to the bottom of the SALT App page and double check the compatibility with your device.

Is the SALT App compatible with my device?

The SALT App is currently available for Android and we’ll continue to expand the platforms we support in the near future. Please visit the SALT App page and scroll to the bottom to make sure the SALT App is compatible with your device.

SALT Card Questions

How long will the battery in the SALT Card last?

The custom battery in the SALT Card will last for about 12. At that point you’ll need to order a new card. This is because we’re trying to keep costs down by not including rechargeable batteries and a charging plug.

What happens when the battery in the SALT Card dies?

You’ll just need to order a new SALT Card. You can still access your phone via your regular passcode (which will be very annoying) until you receive your new card.

What is the range of the SALT Card?

The SALT Card range is adjustable up to 60 feet when the SALT Card is new. The actual range will vary based on a number of factors including the wallet type and obstacles between the SALT Card and your phone.

Is the SALT Card a credit card?

While the SALT Card looks like a credit card, it cannot be used as a credit card. The SALT Card is a Bluetooth Smart device that pairs with the SALT App to help keep your phone secure while keeping track of your wallet or purse.

Does the SALT Card ever expire?

The SALT Card doesn’t actually expire but will need to be replaced when the battery runs out at about 12 months.

Can someone clone my SALT Card?

It is highly unlikely that someone will clone your SALT Card. The process of cloning a SALT Card is lengthy and would require special equipment. It’s definitely more difficult than glancing over your shoulder while you enter your passcode.

Your phone will lock within 30 seconds or when the screen is turned on. The phone checks for the SALT card every 30 seconds to make sure you’re still using it. It also checks when your screen turns on to make sure it’s actually you that’s trying to access the phone. In many ways it works like a passcode without the hassle.

Will other SALT Cards interfere with my SALT Card?

No they won’t! The SALT system is designed to be used with multiple cards so you shouldn’t worry about interference.

Do you have plans to develop SALT for Windows Phone or a computer?

We’re currently focusing on developing the SALT App for Android. We do have plans to include Windows, Windows Phone, OS X and Linux versions in the future.

Is the SALT Card dangerous in any way?

SALT Cards aren’t harmful in any way. They use Bluetooth Smart technology so they’re a low power wireless device that won’t interfere with any other devices.

Can one SALT Card unlock multiple devices?

Yes, you can use one SALT Card to unlock any device that has the SALT App installed. It will work on all devices at the same time.

Will the SALT Card work with the Smart Lock feature in Android 5.0?

Currently, you’ll need to use the SALT App so that your device can interact with the SALT Card. We’re working on a way to integrate with the native Smart Lock feature that should be available shortly!

SALT Security Questions

How secure is SALT?

At SALT, we take security very seriously. SALT uses a system that has over 281 trillion secure combinations. That’s drastically more than even an 8 digit pin code. We’re constantly trying to improve security for our products while making your day to day life more convenient.

How is my personal information being used?

We only use your personal information to send you emails and ship any orders you place. We don’t sell or share your information with third parties under any circumstances.

How is SALT more secure than other forms of passcodes?

SALT has more than 281 trillion secure combinations. Such large numbers can be difficult to interpret so we’ll put it in perspective. A 4 digit pin code has 10,000 combinations and an 8 digit pin code has 100 million combinations. That means that SALT is 2,810 times more secure that an 8 digit pin code.