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We're here to help!

Let's get your SALT App updated correctly!

- Please long-press on the SALT App on your home screen -

- When the icons start to wiggle, click on the red "X" that shows up -

- When it's removed, you can click your home button -

"OK, that's done"


Now let's remove the existing certificates, if they're installed!

- Go to your phone “Settings” > “General” > “Profiles” screen -

- Remove each of the SALT certificates by clicking on them -

- If you don't see any SALT certificates, then you can go to the next screen -

"OK, they're not installed anymore"


Now we can install the SALT App again!

- Please restart your device -

- Go to the "App Store" and install the "Secure SALT" app -

- When it installs, you can open the app and follow the setup instructions -

"Great! I'll do that now!"


You're all set then!

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